Yesterday I had a day off, and of course one of the objectives on my to-do list was to blog here! However, I got a little sidetracked. At the gym supplement store.
I understand your concern here. “You take your supplements more seriously than this blog??!!” I assure you, I only took them more seriously yesterday, but it’s making for great writing material.

I arrived in the Castro after renewing my license at the DMV at around 10am, and go to the first supplement store I could find. (The Castro, being the neighborhood that it is, has more supplement stores than restaurants) The previous night I had become enchanted with a supplement called “N.O. XPLODE” while researching it online. I’m not kidding, this is the friggin' name. It is described as containing Nitric Oxide which dilates all of your blood vessels. This in turn makes you work harder without allowing your body to feel what’s going on.

So, as I was saying, I walked into the first store and demanded to know where this NOXPLODE material was and how much I had to pay to get some up in my body. The BODYBUILDER who works a this nutrition store looked me up and down like I was crazy, rolls his eyes, then points me over to a secret corner. As I’m perusing the ingredients to this new product, I hear the distant sound of a European voice and glimpse a lovely European body to match it in the protein powder section. I grab my NOXPLODE powder and casually walk over to the svelte Euro and the bodybuilder worker attending to his every need. Purposely overhearing their conversation as I pretend to look into the alfalfa juice section, I understand that the bodybuilder suggests some new product for him, and being bored with this, I walk over to the counter to pay for my NOXPLODE. The bodybuilder comes back over, along with his new little Euro soon-to-be boy-friend. I politely say to the European that he can go first. With a french accent he replies, “No it’s okay, I get paid to come here and look pretty, so you go first,” to which the bodybuilder chuckles. I instantly feel insecure and simultaneously wonder if that is some sort of jab at me being skinny and sans muscles. Jesus! I suddenly felt like my old fat, insecure self! Blushing, I paid as quickly as possible without realizing the price for my supplement came to fifty dollars, and ran outta there like a bat out of hell. Usually I would have proceeded to the nearest corner store for a large package of ice cream, but yesterday I realized something in me had grown. Instead, I walked across the street to the next supplement store and found much more welcoming people. Turns out it's just trial and error...not stupid insecurities!


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