1950's live on!

Have you seen the movie Dirty Dancing? Okay, stupid question. Of course you have.

Remember how the whole thing takes place at a sort of vacation spot where there are lots of organized wholesome activities for old and young alike? And the staff are both your waiters and entertainers and it is utterly prohibited to fraternize with them? Do you remember simultaneously thinking how it was soooo 1950's for there to be a vacation like that and also how sad it was that they no longer existed (Come on, admit it!)?

Well, I am here to tell you, dear readers, to fear not. They still exist! They have just moved to the seas! Except there is no Patrick Swayze. Instead they added hot tubs, casinos, and a climbing wall. Not really enough to make up for that loss, but, whatevs.

I went on my first cruise last week. I have to admit that I was a little leery of the whole thing. Especially the part about sleeping in a cabin with no window or any sort of escape to the deck.

But, I had a fantastic time. The Alaskan coastline is amazing. I spent my days in port hiking up mountains, looking at glaciers, driving through the Yukon ,and gazing at what is really an untouched paradise. I spent my days at sea drinking bloody mary's while looking at gorgeous coastlines, searching for whales and dolphins (I saw lots!), and enjoying the company of Mr. Man (my main squeeze) and our friends. Oh, and I might have played a few rounds on the slot machines too.

I have lots of pictures to share, so I will post some here in a bit once I have a chance to upload them and edit it down to some of the best.

The biologist in me is also forcing me to leave you a list of some of the most spectacular wildlife that we saw:

Whales jumping out of the water
A mother and baby whale swimming together
A baby brown bear
An adult bear walking across a rock outcrop as we sailed through the Tracy Arm Fjord
Many bald eagles
Arctic terns mating
A yellow rumped warbler
A porcupine in a tree!! Really!

We saw lots of other great wildlife too, but those were the highlights. Seriously, this trip was something out of a National Geographic magazine.

Thanks so much to my travelling companions for a fabulous trip!


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