I'm using my blog to procrastinate...again

Oh my,do I have some blogs for you! Mexican-inspired miso soup. My roller coaster of a ride with salt. The fruition of all the hard work Mr. Man and I have put into making our garden box. The list goes on and on. Not to mention the fact that I still haven't baked for those of you that I promised cookies to oh so long ago (I have a good excuse though - my oven is broke).

But, right now I am tied down trying to finish the third version of my project proposal for school Yes, it is for a project I have already started. But, those are just details. Right now, I am bogged down with the subtle difference between the words assemblage and community, density and abundance, or habitat and ecosystem. I was trying to not use the same word over and over...apparently I was being "inconsistent." Not to mention that I have to write a whole new methods and objectives section. And worst of all...the significance of my project. Somehow, I don't think my committee will agree that the significance of my project is for me to get my master's.


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