An early mothers day salude

Today my Mom asked me if she has inspired my cooking at all. To which I obviously replied "Of course! You taught me!"

My mother always had me helping in the kitchen. Cooking healthy food was the one thing that never fell to the wayside in my house. Okay. Fine. So maybe it faltered a little bit when my Mom had her nursing finals. But, in general I grew up in house where homemade juice pops were my one desert of the day, vegetables were the star of many meals, and vegetarian cooking abounded. All of this before there were cookbooks, organic produce, specialty ingredients, fake meats, or even others to talk to about ideas or rely upon on how to be and raise your children as vegetarians. And perhaps even more impressive, all of this was in small town West Virginia.

She was very creative in the kitchen, hardly ever using a recipe. And she had me by her side most of the time, directing me on what to do, so that one day cooking came as naturally to me as it did to her. I have many a friend who had to call home to ask how to cook a hot dog, or how to make something that did not have instructions about just adding water on the side of the box when they left home. But, I was not one of them. My mother taught me many things. Being a self-sufficient cook, was just one of them.

I am heading off on a cruise tomorrow for a vacay to Alaska. My Mom and brother show up a few days later. In honor of a belated Mother's Day there is going to be some sort of post featuring my mother's cooking. The Agony! How to choose just one of my favorites? Oh, what's that you say? Since it's all in honor of mothers day maybe I should at least let my Mom pick one of
her favorites? Good idea! I will do just that!

Happy Mother's Day Mamacita!!! (Now start thinking of your favorite recipe so I can put you to work while you're here. Becuase really, what's a better present for Mother's Day than to ask you to do something for me? :) Fine. You are getting treated to a dinner out on the town while you are here too. Love you!)


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