This post is the haute-est thing EVAH!

Once upon time you may remember that I asked my dear friend Prince William to watch over all of you. He wrote about tapeworms in china, trips to doctors who are obsessed keeping it up, and the eccentricities of his father.

I love all of those posts.

In one he linked to a picture and referenced haute couture. I now get ever increasing hits every day from people linking to that blog post from people using Google image searches. I seriously have no idea why my blog is related to this image at all, when all Will did was link to it. I guess I have yet to understand the workings of the Internet at large.

No one ever sticks around. I mean, this blog is really the furthest thing from haute couture. But, it makes me feel as if I should give these relative droves of people something haute.

I just don't know what, seeing as how I am no slave to fashion. Unless you count my small obsession with Project Runway.

So far, my only real idea involves puns on the word haute. As in, "It's getting haute in here, so take off all your couture." Or maybe "Is haute in here? Or am I just overdressed in this couture?" Or perhaps "Is that just an over-embellishment on your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

Damnit. That last one didn't even use haute as a pun, it just made fun of haute couture. See? I need help!

Does anyone have any real suggestions?


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