Not all who wander are lost...but this post certainly is

I have been trying to think of a tag line for this blog. You know like a hook for a song, but it will make me less money.

I have been trying to think of something that would tie this whole she-bang together. I once read somewhere that your blog should have a clear focus. Readers should be able to stop by and figure out what you write about in a couple seconds flat.

My problem is that this blogs' subjects are as winding and wandering as my path in life. I have tried to come up with a solution to this. I have thought about having separate blogs. But truthfully, I like having one place to collect recipes, ramblings, and tidbits of life. So, I thought that a clever tag line would really solve this whole problem quite well. You know, wrapping up every topic I have blogged about in a few short words. Totally the obvious choice, right? (Again, I need that sarcasm font, like immediately.)

So far the best this I have come up with is "A Shared Mile: Blogging about the good food and the humorous aspects of life...just don't shoot your cocktail out your nose."

Classy, right? I really like how I tried to have a very whimsical, romantic blog title and then have de-classed it by adding something about food and drinks coming out of your nose when you laugh too hard.

I'm a genius, I know.


  1. You're really funny. I hope all is well up north!

  2. works for me!!
    so cool that you stopped by-i'm hoping you assumed that by linking everyone to your lovely post....I was a fan.
    i like how you write.
    LIfe should be full of whimsy...with a bit of depth here and there.
    that's how i interpret everything you offer in your blog.
    Oh and personally, i think catchy tag-lines and predictable blogs are over-rated.

  3. Personally, I like the winding/wandering posts, but I might be a bit biased. Plus I'm the wrong person to ask for ideas, cuz I so rarely have any. Speaking of, sorry, I think I might have sort of stolen your sarcasm font idea. Not sure, it also came up when my co-worker and I were chatting and sometimes missed each other's sarcasm. But I wonder if it was also in my head cuz you brought it up earlier too. Wasn't trying to be a copy-cat I promise!!

    Had a great time at dinner last nite, thanks again!


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