Number 9

A continuation of Chuck Yates' baccalaureate address. If your confused just scroll down and bit and read yesterday's post.


Number Nine: Get to know the locals. We do a lot of huffing and puffing around here about being at home in the world, engaging with the world, making a difference in the world. If we mean it, then it’s obvious that, wherever we may go in our search for opportunities to make a difference, our chances of getting it done are gonna be a lot better if we’re good at being at home with, and engaging with, the people we find around us.

Remember: they live here; they know how the system works here; they know who the movers and shakers are, and how to get ‘em to move and shake the way you want ‘em to. Maybe you plan to settle, or maybe you’re just passing through. Either way, the locals are your neighbors. The locals are your community. The locals are your lifeline. Be at home with ‘em, and they’ll be your shelter and support. Get crossways with ‘em and they will make your life miserable.

And they know their way around the place too, which brings us to —



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