Another pointless post, brought to you by Procrastination LLC

Some Mondays are worse than others.

This Monday, I decided to work from home. Even though I still haven't bought a new desk for myself, unpacked any desk necessities, or bought new ink for my printer. But, I wanted to work on my proposal and I actually work well from home. Plus, I rationalize that all the time I save on commuting is extra time to read blogs and make lunch.

So, I set up my computer on the dining room table and even found my printer. Then I headed to Target for ink. I thought to write down the kinds of ink that are compatible with my printer and went on my way. They had the right color ink, but not the black one. I asked the Target man for help and he said that this lower number would be fine. That it is still okay for my printer, just not high quality for photos and stuff. I bought both of them, along with a couple of other items I needed, and paid the requisite one hundred bucks.

Has anyone else ever noticed that no matter what you go to target for, you spend a hundred bucks? Toiletries? One hundred bucks. Household cleaners, socks, belated mothers day card? One hundred smakaroos. Printer cartridges, post-its, eyebrow clippers (don't ask), and ear buds? One hundred big ones. I am not quite sure how they do it, but it is impossible to leave without spending one hundred dollars (I couldn't think of another euphemism for dollars that time). If anyone gets their hands on how to make people fork over that kind of cash, let me know and we can go into business together.

Anyway, I got home and set up the printer and wouldn't you know it, the color cartridge works just fine, but not the black. The black of course is really all that I needed in the first place. So, I have now spent the last hour figuring out how to print out my proposal and the arsenal of comments and changes that my adviser gave me in color only. Totally annoying. And I know, I could have spent the last hour returning the cartridge to target and going to another home office store for the right one. But, what can I say? I'm stubborn like that. Maybe reading my proposal in blue will be fun!?! Was it any more fun to read this in blue?
Yah, I didn't think so either.


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