Bittersweet (unfortunately, I am not talking about the food)

Well, I realized today that I am not much of a food blogger the way I wanted to be. Moving really sucks the cooking right out of me. And the heat. Between, not wanting to buy groceries that I will just have to move, packing up my cookbooks, and the Seattle heat preventing me from wanting to be in the kitchen at all I haven't been cooking much lately. However, the produce rolling in, my new subscriptions to food magazines, and my new found passion for writing are inspiring me. So, stay tuned fair readers. I vow some really awesome stuff coming your way. Or at least I will try.

I also realized that I have not yet written about moving although I seem to be mentioning it often here lately, mostly as an excuse. I have closed another chapter in my life. I have left the life of a young, single woman living with her friends in the city. Like most changes that are good for us, the right ones, the ones we need to make in order to move forward in life, it is bittersweet. It is another step towards becoming a grownup (even though I am 28, I still do not think of myself as an actual adult). I am excited for the new chapters ahead to be written with Mr. Man, but there will be a few things that I will miss.

I will miss Bethany and Dinah most of all. Luckily, these two women are still in Seattle. So, our friendship will change and grow at the same time. I just want them to know that life in Seattle would not have been the same without them. It has been a treat to come home to these ladies. To come home to laughter, commiserating about dietary and intestinal issues (you know you're comfortable with a friend when you can openly discuss intestinal indiscretions!), cooking for you, coming home to meals you prepared for me, knowing when I needed you to leave me alone, and knowing when I needed you to talk to me. Thanks.

I will miss my neighborhood. I will miss sitting next to my beautiful kitchen window looking out at the pea patch next door, the explosion of color in our yard every year, poking around the neighborhood to gain inspiration from my neighbors beautifully gardened yards, and trips to 7-11 for big gulps (although, I think my body would disagree on that one).
Most of all though...this one might be the hardest to admit...I will miss the days that I got to come home from a long day at school or work, too tired to cook, and stand in front of the refrigerator with a fork and eat random bites of fruits, vegetables, or all the leftovers from my extreme cooking events. And no one said a word. Not one. I think that eating like this for dinner or sitting down with a bag of chips and a beer or something similar is the bachelorette's version of the bachelor's eating out, empty fridge habits. I am sure that it is not healthy to eat like this so it's probably a good thing to give it up. But still, it is a bittersweet goodbye.

photos courtesy of Miss Bethany and Miss Dinah


  1. There is never really giving up the fork, fridge and open door tendency... At least completely :)


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