Bits and pieces

Today, I am taking the lazy way out. Just some random thoughts for you.

I have a deep dark secret. There are some reality shows out there that are like crack to me. They are the ones that I hole up in my room to watch online.

Two of these shows have just started their new season.

One is Jon and Kate plus 8. I finally saw the season opener the other day. There has been much speculation to what Jon and Kate were trying to say during this episode. Let me break it down for you: Jon and Kate are getting a divorce. They didn't come right and and say it, but basically they sat the nation down and told us the way you would tell your children. Of course, when you are telling your children you would say all the things that Jon and Kate did for that hour, and then end it by saying "And so, Mommy and Daddy are getting a divorce." There now, you can all stop speculating!

Also, it makes me sick to hear the things that people are saying about Kate. It reinforces for me that a lot of women's lib is just lip. In other words we only pay lip service to women's liberation, but should a woman choose to work, to not step down from a job because her husband is threatened by it, to leave her family for a weekend or a 21 day book tour she is a monster, she deserves to be cheated on, or she is a control freak. Ugh. Last time I checked many actors, actresses, writers, world travelers, etc. left their family. No one seems to care about them. I am getting irate just writing this. And I am starting to not make sense I think. So rather than rant any more you should head over here to read what Lisa Daily wrote. Couldn't have said it better myself. Literally.


Another favorite is The Bachelor/
Bachelorette. With these addictions I never know which shows I should be most embarrassed about. This one is definitely a contender.

I have been watching the new season with Jillian, of course. Has anyone else noticed that whenever Juan comes on screen the music changes to something Latin? Does this strike you as something that not PC enough that ABC would avoid that? I mean, the guy came here when he was very young. He doesn't even have an accent! Just

Also, I don't understand why the guys hate him so much. I mean, maybe he really is a DB in real life, but the other men on the show seem to hate him for being "too feminine" or "breaking guy code." You know, stupid reasons. Juan is, as my friends and I used to say in college "He's not gay, he's just foreign!" Which, is to say that American men are their own breed in general where dancing, romance, and not getting plastered are things guys only do if they are gay. I know this is a huge generalization, but this show really gets me riled up (sarcasm)!


All of our kids, I mean vegetables and herbs, are looking great. I was worried about them the first couple of weeks, but in the last few days they have all started to show signs of being the happy children I hope to raise. Except our
brandywine tomato. It just looks a little worse everyday. Bah!


So, I guess this wasn't really a post with bits and pieces, really just a couple of rants about reality TV that I probably shouldn't watch and a
lamewad mini-post about the garden. Meh. What can I say? I have been sitting behind a dissecting scope all day and while I can't concentrate on actual important things while I sort invertebrates, I can marinate on my favorite reality shows.


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