What I have been up to

Hello to all you faithful followers (a.k.a Mom)!

Sorry I didn't get around to posting anything this weekend. I had lots of ideas like a recipe for homemade ramen (but, I didn't have my camera and who wants to cook something when you can't see a picture of it first) to, well, I think that was my only idea. Oh well.

I am headed off to the Columbia River this week to squeeze fish. That's biologist lingo for field work involving fish. I am helping out two of my lab-mates, one of whom is B, my roommate. I should really finish packing instead of writing this post. Alas, these are the trials and tribulations of a procrastinator. I will try to get a couple of posts in this week about the work going on down there. I will also try to get some good pictures of the Coho salmon for ya. You just can't live in the PNW without some blogs related to salmon, right?

Well, I really must go. I am going to be eating these two delicious soups this week: A broccoli soup from Orangette and a Cauliflower soup from a review on 101 Cookbooks. I made both of them last night and they are killer. If you want to be just like me you should make them and eat them all week long too.


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