Almost gone...

I have a crazy neighbor. Like crazy in the clinical and not clinical way. She is finally moving out and we no longer have to share a wall or building with her. I could go on and on about all the things she has done from planting out potted plants in the ground without asking us to threatening to have us subpoenaed. She runs around the neighborhood torturing all of our neighbors with God knows what too. But, talking about it gets me riled up, and I want to enjoy my Friday.

So, she is finally leaving. She was supposed to be out by April first, although last night was the first night she didn't sleep there. And, today she is still carrying junk out of her place. Her car is parked out front and it is loaded to the brim both inside and out (imagine a dumpster inside with a GIANT tarp burrito, stool, half a bike, and metal magazine rack on top). There is hardly room for her at all. My roommate D and I were in our kitchen lamenting her loaded car when we saw our neighbor run out of her house and take a picture of it with her camera phone. I can't describe how hard we laughed
. I think I need to become friends with this woman immediately.

Her car left, but this crap is still piled up on my sidewalk with a sign (she is big on signs and notes) reading "Please do not remove: On city property. Thanks" WTF? Ummm...removing something from city property is really not a big deal unless it belongs to the city! Just saying.


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