"Take me home country roads..."

I am in Appalachia now. And as GG pointed out from my last blog, WV is not part of the Midwest. I have spent a lot of time explaining that WV is not part of the Midwest and no, I do not know anyone in Richmond, because I am not from Virgina or western Virginia I am from the separate STATE of West Virginia.

Phew. That always gets me riled up. I am not sure why I used Midwest instead of Appalachia...other than my subconscious wanting to ascribe a bad experience to the Midwest instead of Appalachia.

Anyway, I am back home in the WV right now. 30 points to the first person to name the artist and song title this posts title is from.

I forgot my computer charger so posts will be few and far between...but I will be back with you next week.

Take care everyone.


  1. Country roads, John Denver. Hanna has this song in picture book form with associated CD, pretty cool. Have fun in WV!

  2. Actually, I think your post's title is the full title of the song . . . "Take me home, country roads" OK, bye. Joy

  3. You are right Joy! And since you totally caught my laziness in not checking to see what the song title was...and then gigving it too you...you get extra points! Hanna's book sounds very cool!


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