Experiment complete. Results indicate positive correlation between Mr. Man, Errin, and camping.

Phew! I am finally back from a camping trip sandwiched between two trips to California to conduct field work. I can finally breath. I am sorry I left all of you for so long. I missed you, did you miss me?

Oh, you didn't notice I was gone? Well, don't I feel sheepish for making such a big deal of that apology and assuming that you have been pining away for me for the last three weeks!

Seriously though, I have missed being on A Shared Mile and I have lots to tell you about.

As you know, when I last posted I mentioned a camping trip in Montana. Glacier National Park to be specific. I had no idea the magnitude of the beauty I was about to witness. It was breathtaking. Mountains, crystal clear lakes, flowers blooming everywhere, and most importantly, I did not get eaten by a bear.

We had a great time and Mr. Man camped for the most nights in a row consecutively and loved every minute of it (almost).

I wish that I had taken more pictures. There were so many flowers and views I wish I could share with you. Instead, you will just have to go there and see if for yourself. You can thank me later for the push to do it.

We had really good weather (especially compared to the heat wave the northwest got while we were gone) with the exception of the first night. When we arrived we rushed to the very first campground.

We knew the torrential downpour/thunderstorm we had just driven through was on its way. We had pretty much gotten the poles in the ground by the time the rain started to really get going. And by "get going" I mean it felt like someone had a shower head turned on to the "massage" setting.

We ran around trying to get the fly on tent and our bed inside with minimal wetness. Then we realized the tent was leaking faster than we could have bail it. So, we Magyvered the shit out of that thing and pulled the tarp out from underneath and strapped it down over the top of the tent and secured it with bungees, straps, and sticks. Yeah, we might have looked like we were in a homeless encampment, but we were relatively dry that night.

The rest of trip we spent taking a nine mile hike (note: the hiking guide lists the one way mileage, not round trip),

cooking delicious food over our camp stove by day and our fire by night (remind me to tell you about the burritos),

being visited by our neighbor, Deer

and hanging out by some of the most beautiful lakes ever.


  1. sounds like it was good for the soul. sigh

  2. Finally!! Just this morning, I was thinking it was about time to start leaving you whining comments on here and FB, begging you to get off your ass and post something. I've missed you!


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