Bits from the past few busy weeks

I thought that a good way to ease back into this whole blogging on a regular basis thing would be to just give you a list of some of the things that I have been up to the last few weeks and some of the things I have learned. When I think about writing multiple posts about these things it becomes overwhelming, and would probably bore you. But, a list. Now that is something I can get behind.

1. Anyone interested in time warps, loss of time, time travel, etc. should do some research with speakers at conferences. Seriously, giving a talk at a conference is like losing time. I lost 12 minutes last week. I got up to the podium started talking and did not regain consciousness until my last slide. Seriously, I could have stood up there and talked about cheese for 12 minutes. I really have no idea. My colleagues and lab mates said that I did a good job. But, they have to say nice things. Either that or they really like cheese.

2. Thank heavens that high wasted skirts have come back into style! I packed two options for "professional" looking outfits for the week. A pair of pants and a skirt from my professional past. The pants dug into my skin so deep I would have needed to donate a kidney to fit into them. So they were out. The skirt didn't fit quite like it used to either. It is now a very stylish high wasted skirt rather than the normal hip-hugging kind. No one noticed though (at least not to my face). I just tried to rock it like that was the way the skirt was made.

3. I hate airlines. Who else is with me? Does anyone else feel like they are being taken advantage of for wanting to visit family anytime even remotely close to the December holidays?

4. I feel recharged. Three of my college friends came to visit last weekend. Sometimes, I need to be reminded that I am not just the graduate student drone I sometimes feel like. Sometimes, I need to be reminded that I am not as adult as I sometimes act. These girls always bring out my crazysexycool side. Thanks.

5. This college reunion of the "Lounge Girls" was different than others we have had. It was the first time that none of us were single. Not only that, but the first time that we were all together with our boys. It was really fun to hang out as a big couple-y group. It all felt very adult. And it forced us to be a little more adult than we normally are. Usually when we get together our time is filled with a series of inside jokes, quotes from fav movies (Birdcage!), and some really intense dance parties (both inside and outside of the home). This time we had to make more of an effort to communicate on a level understandable to others, you know, like adults. It was totally worth it.

6.I really enjoyed getting to know my friends as part of a couple. It was so nice to see that they had all chosen their mates so well. No drama all weekend. So, awesome.

7. I was really happy for my friends to get to know Mr. Man and vice versa. Like a very wise TV character once said, nothing is better than the sound of your friends laughing at something your boyfriend said. Thank you, Carrie Bradshaw for your awesome wisdom.

Okay, I am missing lots but it is time to head off to school. I will try not to be too drone like though. I am still sparkling with the energy brought from my friends.


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