All dressed up with no place to go

Hi there. I am sure that you have noticed some changes here at A Shared Mile. These are the changes I was talking about a few weeks ago.

What do you think? The links at the top need a little love from me (as in need me to write something for them) so check back often for those as they are updated.

I really like this design and I hope you do too. Delicious Design Studio did a great job. Especially considering that I gave them instructions like "I want it to look like hand drawn black and white doodles but with color. And can you include things like ingredients or shopping list items, a ginkgo leaf, and an octopus?" Basically, no direction at all.

But, they came up with what you see anyway. And I love it. It has some of my favorite things. Color, doodles, a representative of my favorite phylum (ginkophyta), one of my favorite invertebrates, and of course lots of food references (because honestly, where would we all be without food?). Also, scroll down to the bottom of the page for some more graphics. I especially love that little fish on the bottom left. It reminds me of a lumpsucker, one of the most adorable fishies EVER.

And in case you haven't met the cutest fish ever, allow me to explain why they are so cute. They have no real fin and use adhesive to stick themselves to leaves and rocks and stuff. So, when they get dislodged you see their little stubby fins working overtime as the current carries them around. It is cute, trust me. Go to your local aquarium and demand that they get these guys immediately.

So, stay tuned for more recipes, stories from the field, and other ramblings from your truly.


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