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Ignorance is Bliss - or - Coconut Split Pea Soup with a Curried Brown Butter Drizzle

Pin It One of my first finds out here in blog land was 101 Cookbooks . Her blog is full of recipes that are often an amazing combination of simple ingredients that work together to yield robust, interesting, and delicious flavors.  She has been blogging for quite some time now and her second book came out last year.  I had her book along with several others saved in my amazon shopping cart for quite some time.  I try to ration the cookbook purchases.  A couple of weeks ago I was online buying a vacuum filter and as luck would have it I was in need of something to send me over the $25 free shipping limit.  No way Mr. Man could ask why I needed ANOTHER cookbook now...this was plain and simple savings here.  I needed the book to get the free shipping and quite frankly it would be wasteful of me NOT to buy the book.   This recipe stood out to me right away among the many that I marked to try soon.  I make some form of lentils around here pretty frequently, so I am always

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